2023 Ferrari Le Mans seat for Leclerc possible

(GMM) The head of Ferrari’s sports car program is not ruling out a Le Mans seat for Charles Leclerc in 2023.

The Maranello marque announced recently that it will return to the top tier of Le Mans racing for 2023 in the new hypercar category.

Upon hearing the news, Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc said he would be “happy” to contest the fabled 24-hour race in 2023 “if the opportunity arises”.

When asked if that might be possible, Ferrari’s sports car chief Antonello Coletta said: “Combining Formula 1 with participating in one of the WEC rounds is not impossible, but it’s too early to think about the composition of the team.

“For now we are fully focused on developing a competitive car that will allow us to compete for high results. Only then will we decide who will drive it,” he added.

“So far, it seems to me that it will not be easy to organize Leclerc’s participation at Le Mans in 2023, but I will not say that it is impossible,” said Coletta. “We’ll see.”