Hendrick Motorsports looking to re-sign Bowman

Alex Bowman’s contact with Hendrick Motorsports is up at the end of 2021. During the press conference following the team’s win on Sunday at Richmond Raceway, Jeff Andrews, general manager of Hendrick Motorsports, was asked about Bowman’s status:

The last time Alex won a race, he was kind of in negotiations with a new contract. It wasn’t too long after that you guys announced he was going to be back. He’s in a contract year, wins a race. Anticipation he’ll be back next year? Where are you at in those negotiations?

JEFF ANDREWS: We’re in the middle of that right now. Obviously that will continue on. When we’re ready to have something to talk about there, we’ll certainly address that. Just say right now that we’re in the middle of that. We’ll continue on with that, of course.