GPDA boss Wurz would prefer ‘natural track limits’

(GMM) Formula 1 must fix the ongoing ‘track limits’ controversy by enforcing clear and strict rules, according to Grand Prix Drivers’ Association chief Alex Wurz.

Like many in Formula 1 who lament the current inconsistent rules, former driver Wurz thinks the ideal solution would be to define the circuits’ limits with natural features.

“I have always been an enemy of artificial track limits,” the Austrian told ORF. “We need natural track limits. Grass or gravel works much better.”

The problem, he said, is that it wouldn’t be suitable for some other categories used by the circuits. Wurz also said Formula 1 cannot go to the other extreme by letting the drivers use more than the ‘proper’ circuit.

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“If all the drivers go very wide on purpose, that would invalidate the race director’s safety calculations. So you have no choice,” he said.

Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz therefore echoes Wurz’s solution – that even tiny infractions for going over the white lines with all four wheels are punished.

“I’ve already given my opinion to the FIA,” Sainz said. “We have to use the same rules at every corner.

“It doesn’t matter whether we use the white line or something else, but there must be a boundary. I think all the drivers share this opinion.”