Final Weekend TV Ratings

Most races this past weekend had a significant TV rating gain from last year (NASCAR on FS1 and F1 on ESPN), except IndyCar.

IndyCar was broadcast on NBCSN, and as usual, the TV numbers were horrible.  For over 10 years now IndyCar races have pulled in horrible TV ratings on NBCSN.  And you wonder why, therefore, the series has struggled to grow and why a 3rd engine manufacturer has never materialized?

NBC is finally pulling the plug on NBCSN. When IndyCar signs a new TV deal starting next year, if 100% of the races are not on network TV, then IndyCar will continue to flounder.

Net Event Location Total Viewers 18-49 Viewers 2021 TV Rating 2020 TV Rating % Chg.
FS1 NASCAR Cup Race Kansas 2,739,000 550,000 1.62 0.91 (NBCSN) +75.8%
ESPN F1 Race Portugal 902,000 401,000 0.53 0.33 (ESPN2) +60.6%
FS1 NASCAR Truck Race Kansas 699,000 133,000 0.41 0.30 +36.7%
NBCSN IndyCar Race Sun Texas 407,000 98,000 0.24 No Race No Race
NBCSN IndyCar Race Sat Texas 358,000 77,000 0.22 0.80 (NBC) -72.5%
FS1 ARCA Race Kansas 298,000 51,000 0.20 0.13 +53.8%
FS1 NHRA Qualifying Atlanta 209,000 37,000 0.12