Besieged Mazepin should re-think F1 career – pundit

(GMM) Criticism of Nikita Mazepin’s rookie season is becoming even more intense, as some wonder if the young Russian is skilled enough to race in Formula 1.

The beleaguered Haas driver spun within minutes of the start of Friday practice in Barcelona.

“The guy can’t keep the car on the track, even on a warm-up lap,” said Niki Juusela, a Finnish commentator for the broadcaster C More.

“He is in a situation where I don’t think even he knows what to think anymore.”

On Twitter, Taki Inoue regularly jokes that he is the worst F1 driver of all time, but even the Japanese is unimpressed with what he calls the “certified proper moving chicane” Mazepin.

Indeed, Charles Leclerc on Friday was scathing of the 22-year-old as he tried to pass him in his Ferrari.

“Mazepin will never change,” Leclerc said on the radio.

Mazepin Barcelona FP1 – it did not take the Russian long to go off in Turn 8 Friday morning

Inoue also claims Mazepin has “destroyed” the FIA’s super license system.

“He got full points to be valid for his super license, but he seems to be driving like a Taki Inoue,” he said. “This proves clearly that the FIA doesn’t need the super license points system anymore.”

Another Finnish commentator, Ossi Oikarinen, commented on Friday: “Not all of us can become Formula 1 drivers. There are quite a few of us here in front of the televisions who couldn’t keep an F1 car on the circuit.

“I think Mazepin has to look in the mirror at some point and ask himself whether he should be focusing on something else,” he added.

Speculation that Mazepin’s future may be short-lived in Formula 1 has even reached his Haas teammate Mick Schumacher.

Also 22, the German was asked about rumors that rival teams are worried about Mazepin’s driving, and even that Haas might be re-thinking its plans based on the major financial backing of the Russian’s father Dmitry.

“I honestly don’t know how to answer that,” Schumacher said. “Right now I’m just trying to improve my own performance.”