F1: 600 people apply to work at Red Bull Powertrains

Red Bull boss Christian Horner has stated that over 600 individuals have applied to join their new F1 engine group.

With Red Bull procuring Honda’s IP, the four-time world champions can now start manufacturing their own engines. This has led to the Milton Keynes based squad seeking talented individuals to join their new company, with the team poaching a few members from Mercedes. Horner though says he encouraged by the response the team received for their advert.

“We put a basic advert out a month or so ago, just to cast the net out and see who’s out there,” Horner told The-Race.com.

“It’s had to date over 600 responses, and pretty much all from people within the industry. That’s been incredibly encouraging.”

“Mercedes HPP have done such a strong job over the last 15, 20 years, they’ve been an obvious place and a UK base for us to attract talent from,” Horner explained.

“I’ve been absolutely chuffed with the take-up we’ve had. We’ve got some real talents, these guys probably aren’t familiar names to you, but they’re the top of their game from within the industry.”

The Red Bull boss finally described what it was like building what is essentially a brand-new company from the ground up.

“When you’re starting from scratch with a clean sheet of paper you want to bring in as much talent as you can,” Horner explained.

“We’re looking across a broad spectrum of disciplines, the most important thing for us has been to get that senior level together. Of course, then we’ll be developing young talent, just as we do on the chassis side. That’s also really exciting, working with universities and developing young talent.

“It’s probably the most exciting engineering business being built in the UK at the moment so of course you can imagine there’s been no shortage of interest.”