F1: Zandvoort cannot be ‘ghost race’ – Mol

(GMM) The Dutch GP cannot take place as a ‘ghost race’, according to well-known Dutch commentator Olav Mol.

The recent messages from the race organizers at Zandvoort have been similar, as covid continues to cause cancellations like Montreal and now even endanger the recently scheduled Canadian GP replacement venue in Istanbul.

As for the Dutch GP, scheduled for September, Mol told Dutch radio NPO Radio 1: “Time is going unbelievably fast.

“We are already in May so we will be racing in four months – that will come in no time. We’re still living in the corona crisis and Zandvoort still has to continue with their preparations.

“Ultimately, there is a point at which the grandstands have to be installed, as those stands are largely temporary,” Mol added.

Dutch fans cheer for Verstappen Hungarian GP , Budapest 2-4 August 2019 Hungaroring

He says the deadline for erecting the grandstands will be the moment at which the decision about whether to push ahead or wait yet another year must be taken.

“As soon as grandstands appear, that will be a good sign that the race will go on. A race at Zandvoort without an audience is not really an option,” said Mol.

“Remember, the race came about largely because FOM saw that thousands of fans wearing orange were being seen all around the world. They wanted to organize a mega party in the Netherlands, with an even bigger sea of orange,” he added.

“They are also planning to build a large festival around it, so it will be a whole experience on and also around the circuit.”