F1: Wolff issues Red Bull protest threat for Baku

(GMM) Toto Wolff has issued his clearest warning yet that race protests are looming large over the next Formula 1 race in Baku.

The Mercedes boss hinted in Monaco last week that the FIA’s delay in strengthening rear wing flexibility tests until after the ultra-fast street race in Azerbaijan could hand title rival Red Bull a clear advantage.

“If the ambiguity with Red Bull’s wing brings them an advantage in Baku, we will turn to the stewards,” he said on Sunday.

“If this is not enough, we will turn to the FIA international court of appeal. So I think the FIA should clarify this issue before Baku, and if this doesn’t happen, there may be a big confusion coming up.”

Toto Wolff has his crying towel out. The Red Bull passes all current F1 wing rigidity tests, so it is 100% legal. However, the FIA could choose to change their flexibility rules – they would need to re-write that part of the rule book

Wolff also laughed off his Red Bull counterpart Christian Horner’s counter-punch suggesting the front wing on Mercedes’ 2021 car visibly flexes at high speed.

“We have analyzed our front wing, and it is almost the same as theirs,” Wolff insisted.