F1: Lando Norris says social media ‘sucks’

(GMM) Lando Norris appears to have lost his cool with the new world of social media.

To some, the 21-year-old epitomizes the new and youthful internet age, as he streams his video gaming on Twitch and has over three million Instagram followers.

But Norris actually thinks social media “sucks” – and as he races away from highly-rated McLaren teammate Daniel Ricciardo in 2021, he has also taken a step away from the internet.

“I’m still enjoying what I’m doing, there’s also just a lot of focus on the job itself. That’s why I got rid of social media,” the McLaren driver told Channel 4.

“Well, I’m still on it, but I never look at it. I have a minion, a guy who works for me and types away pretending to be me. But I’m away from all that – it sucks.”

Indeed, Norris lost his cool with some of his followers on Twitch after Monaco when they criticized him for waving at Ricciardo as he lapped the Australian.

Lando Norris, McLaren MCL35M

“Alright, so I see so many of you make up absolute crap and nonsense as usual. Any time someone lets me pass for a blue flag – anyone – I put my hand up and say thanks. Alright?” he said.

As he rides a wave of form, McLaren has re-signed Norris and now fellow Monaco podium-sitters Carlos Sainz and even Max Verstappen are predicting another strong race for him in Baku.

Championship leader Verstappen even predicts Norris will have a “rocket” on his hands on Baku’s long straight.

“A bit of a rocket on the straight,” Sainz, Norris’ former McLaren teammate, agrees.

“The car was definitely not bad last year in Monza, not bad around Monaco, so maybe I will bet on you,” the Ferrari driver told Norris. “Let’s see if I’m right.”