NASCAR updates at-track COVID protocols starting at Texas

Beginning with the Texas All-Star Race weekend in June, NASCAR will implement an expansion of guest access to the competition footprint and discontinue a number of pandemic-related operating restrictions.

  • Some facets of our operations introduced in the last year will be retained:
    • Guest access to the garage and pit road will be expanded significantly but kept at a level below the pre-pandemic numbers
    • Access to the starting grid will be restricted to a smaller number of VIP guests
    • Competitors and designated vendors will continue using the roster system
    • Virtual driver / crew chief meetings will remain through the end of the 2021 season
    • Initial garage entry for competitors will be directed by assistant series directors
    • Mandatory reporting requirements associated with COVID infections and exposures remain in effect
    • Unvaccinated industry members will be required to wear masks while indoors
  • Many aspects of the COVID operating protocols will be suspended starting with the Texas All-Star event weekend:
    • Pre-entry screening, including the health questionnaire, will be discontinued
    • Vendor access to the garages will be restored
    • Spotters may access both the infield and the perimeter areas, and participants using the driver / owner coach lot may bring properly credentialed guests into the D/O lot
    • Garage operations will largely return to pre-COVID norms
    • Pre-race activities will more closely resemble their pre-COVID forms
  • State and local conditions may require reduced access at future events; NASCAR will communicate those changes well in advance of the affected event weekend.
  • Getting the fully vaccinated rate within our industry above the 70% threshold remains critical to reducing the potential impact of the virus on NASCAR events.  NASCAR PR