Starrett and Roush Yates Engines Renew Partnership

Roush Yates Engines and L.S. Starrett Co. are pleased to announce an extension of their partnership agreement.

Since 2017 Roush Yates Engines and Starrett, located in Athol, Massachusetts, have teamed up to make one of the most successful metrology partnerships. For over 140 years, Starrett has been an industry leader in metrology tools and equipment. Starrett measuring and inspection devices are vital elements in our ability to deliver championship level products to our customers.

“Starrett’s brand is iconic and known world-wide. Their support to our race programs has provided competitive advantages to win races,” said Todd English, VP Strategic Partnerships and Marketing, Roush Yates Engines. “We rely on their employee’s workmanship in their manufacturing facilities in Athol and across the globe. We look forward to expanding our valued partnership and leveraging Starrett’s metrology hand tools, force measurement, vision measurement systems, and DataSure 4.0 to acquire metrology data.”

Starrett’s craftmanship and standard of quality is world-class, their accuracy and product performance exceed international standards. It is essential to have a partner that performs to this level of excellence when machining products for the motorsports, aerospace, defense, and industrial markets, where precision is critical.

We utilize a wide array of Starrett metrology equipment from hand gages and micrometers to top of the line Vision machines (AV450, HDV 400, AVR 300). In addition, force and material testers, are critical pieces of equipment for the development and analysis of automotive and motorsports components, giving us crucial information for making time sensitive decisions.

For collecting and recording precision measurements, the DataSure® 4.0 system has been a recent addition to our metrology toolbox. This is the industry’s latest data acquisition solution from Starrett. Measurements are directly recorded into our quality database system. This wireless based system helps to streamline our data collection and eliminate multiple step processes.

“Starrett has been a partner like no other,” commented Doug Yates, President and CEO of Roush Yates Engines. “We rely on their accuracy in both of our facilities. Whether it’s a part going to the track in a FR9 engine or components for the aerospace or defense markets, it’s a necessity to have the best equipment in the metrology business.”

“Starrett is glad to work with a high demanding customer such as Roush Yates Engines, as they use precision with everything they do,” said Emerson Leme, Vice President Industrial Products North America of Starrett. “Starrett has been a long-standing premier supplier to Roush Yates Engines for many years and extending this partnership is a win for all of us.”

With a shared passion to deliver the best products to our customers, it is our honor to partner with Starrett and their experienced team to continue to build on our strong partnership we have built over the last four years.

About L.S. Starrett Co. (NYSE: SCX): 
The L.S. Starrett Co. was founded in 1880, in Athol, Massachusetts. Starrett, a leader who has set the standard for fine precision tools in the industry for over 140 years, has rightfully earned the title, “World’s Greatest Toolmakers”.

Manufacturing more than 5,000 variations of precision tools, gages, measuring instruments and saw blades for industrial, professional and consumer markets worldwide. Starrett operates manufacturing locations and sales offices worldwide. For more information about L.S. Starrett visit