F1: Pirelli making compound changes on new 2022 tires

Formula 1 tire supplier Pirelli is working to develop tires that are less sensitive ahead of the introduction of sweeping rule changes for next season.

Testing of the new tires is well underway, Pirelli boss Mario Isola offering an insight into the targets his company is working towards.

“We are talking about introducing a new family of compounds with different ingredients,” the Italian said.

“Also, in terms of construction, we have designed a construction with some characteristics that are going in the direction of reducing degradation and overheating.

“If we want to say that the overheating or the thermal sensitivity will be zero, that is impossible from a physical point of view, so forget the possibility to have a tire with zero rating or zero degradation,” he added.

“That in any case is not in the target, but we can heavily reduce it and the challenge for us is to produce a tire with these characteristics.”

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