F1: French GP can have a token 15,000 fans

The next race on the calendar will be held at the Circuit de Paul Ricard. The race will be attended by 15,000 fans, which is possible because of how the organizers will do it.

Éric Boullier, the organizer of the French GP explains how this is possible: “In France we are currently not allowed to have more than 5,000 spectators per event, this rule will probably apply until the end of August. However, based on the specific design of our racing facility, which is very large, we can create three different bubbles that are completely independent of each other.

“We have received special permission from the government to host 15,000 spectators, so three times 5,000. And each bubble is completely independent. They have their own access and their own parking. No one can cross the path of fans from other bubbles in this way.”

2019 French Grand Prix, Sunday – LAT Images. 
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