Companies are beginning to knock down the door to sponsor Kyle Larson

In the post-race press conference Rick Hendrick was asked about the status of additional sponsorship for Kyle Larson after his win Sunday at Nashville Superspeedway:

You had Valvoline on the race car. Third race this season that a non Hendrick company has been on the car. How is the interest in Kyle going from companies?

RICK HENDRICK: It’s a lot of interest. But my guys don’t want to take ‘Hendrick’ off the car. All the dealerships, they’ve got all kinds of promotions. Valvoline has been a great sponsor for us for a long time. We’ve had a lot of interest. It’s growing every day.

We want to wait for the right deal. We don’t want to take a piecemeal deal because I think it’s worth more to me than to do that. But there’s tremendous interest in Kyle. A lot of companies are telling me they appreciate me giving him the chance. Some of them are ready to spend some money, just not enough.

If he keeps winning this way, why doesn’t sponsor him?

RICK HENDRICK: I think we’re getting real close to that (smiling). I keep jacking the price up to the automotive group and they haven’t said no yet, so…

The good news is that Chip Ganassi and his ‘Cancel Culture” sponsors who dumped Larson over a racial slur jokingly made during an online video game, without giving him a chance to make amends, will never again have the opportunity to be with the best driver in America, hands down.

On most weekends, Larson will school Ganassi, his drivers, and his sponsors.

The pain on their face every time they lose to Larson will be priceless.


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