Albon giving ‘110 percent’ for F1 return

(GMM) Alex Albon insists he has not given up on Formula 1.

After struggling as Max Verstappen’s Red Bull teammate last year, the 25-year-old was not only replaced by Sergio Perez but relegated to DTM for 2021.

He now races an Alpha Tauri-liveried Ferrari in the German touring car championship but remains Red Bull’s official reserve driver.

After Perez won at Baku, the Mexican thanked British-born Thai Albon for his contribution behind the scenes.

“Alex is putting so much work into the simulator and with the engineers. When I came here, I didn’t expect him to be so open, but he explained to me how the car works,” he said.

Albon says he appreciated Perez’s words, but insisted his contribution is “just part of my job”.

“I don’t require any special recognition because I know what my role in the team is,” he told La Gazzetta dello Sport. “But what I am doing is important, and I understand that.

“I love what I do, and I give it 110 percent every day. If I didn’t do that, I would not have a chance to return.”

Albon’s DTM season kicked off at Monza last weekend, and he finished the two races fourth and seventh.

“Driving a GT3 car is fun, although it has a lot less downforce and grip than I’m used to,” he told the Italian daily. “But overall, my impression isn’t bad.

“It’s clear that even with my experience, I feel like a rookie in this series, where I’m competing with drivers who have been in GT for a long time.

“But it’s no secret that my goal is to return to Formula 1. Obviously, I want to win in everything I do, and this is no exception.

“But although my life has changed, I have not parted with Red Bull and I still participate actively in everything that happens in Milton Keynes and at the circuits. I’m doing everything in my power to return to Formula 1,” Albon insisted.

“I have the opportunity this year to quietly observe what is happening from the side, which I think will be very useful to me if I get the opportunity to come back.”


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