No F1 race at Indianapolis for now

(GMM) Indianapolis is dropping off Formula 1’s race radar “for the foreseeable future”.

Earlier, it appeared that the F1-style infield circuit of the fabled Motor Speedway – scene of the annual Indy 500 – might return to the calendar thanks to the sport’s interest in hosting more races in the US.

New venue owner Roger Penske, a former F1 team owner, was championing the idea, declaring last year that he was looking into opportunities for a grand prix in “2021, 2022 or 2023”.

But he has now told the Indianapolis Star newspaper: “I don’t see Formula 1 (here) for the foreseeable future.

Lewis Hamilton won the last F1 race at Indy in 2007 driving for McLaren

“Sure, if there’s an opportunity for us, but we haven’t had any serious discussions right now. I’ve talked with (Stefano Domenicali) personally, and we would like to run it, but I think it’s going to come down to the economics.

“We have to be stable, and then you’d invest in hosting one. It’s not all about getting a sponsor, but about how it all fits within the total package,” Penske added.