F1: 2022 IndyCar-Style F1 car in team liveries

The new 2022 F1 cars were revealed yesterday and today F1 published renderings of each team car in their team livery.

The 2022 F1 car is very much like an IndyCar, sans the silly Aeroscreen, instead fitted with a proper Halo, which is what an IndyCar should have. Instead, they fry the drivers in the hot cockpit and have had to go through much trouble to try and cool the drivers.

Just silly.

Leave it up to F1 to get it right.

Of course, the new F1 car will be far more advanced than an IndyCar, despite it being much more ‘spec’ than before. The F1 technical rules dictate much of the aero on the new car in an effort to clean up the airflow coming off the rear of a car. This should enable cars to race closer, with the hope we will see more passing.

With its new car, IndyCar would be wise to copy what F1 has done to what IndyCar started.

2022 Red Bull rendering
2022 AlphaTauri rendering
2022 McLaren rendering
2022 Williams rendering
2022 Mercedes rendering
2022 Alfa Romeo rendering
2022 Aston Martin rendering
2022 Alpine rendering
2022 Haas rendering