Ford recalls 850,000 vehicles

The Ford Motor Company released details on three unrelated recalls today affecting 851,630 vehicles in all. The largest among them is a recall involving nearly 775,000 Ford Explorers.

According to the automaker, Explorers sold between 2013 and 2017 may have a seized cross-axis ball joint which may cause a fractured rear suspension toe link. Ford says the vehicles may make a clunking noise and that drivers could experience unusual handling and a misaligned rear wheel. A fractured rear toe link will significantly diminish steering control, increasing the risk of a crash.

Separately, Ford announced that it would recall 40,995 2020-2021 Lincoln Aviators equipped with the 3.0-liter petrol engine. In these vehicles, a battery cable wire harness may not be properly secured, allowing it to make contact with the A/C compressor pulley. Over time, the wire’s insulation may be worn away, which could lead to a short circuit and a potential fire.

Finally, the Blue Oval is recalling 34,939 2020-2021 F-350 Super Duty trucks with the 6.7-liter engine and single rear wheel axle for a weld issue. The defect could lead to a driveline disconnection and customers could experience vibration and shaking while driving at highway speed. In the event of a disconnected driveshaft, customers would experience a sudden loss of power and the transmission’s park feature may not function properly.