F1: Verstappen only has ‘stiff neck’ after crash – Marko

(GMM) Max Verstappen is “doing surprisingly well” after his high-speed, 51G crash at Silverstone that left him briefly hospitalized.

While the story about Lewis Hamilton being subjected to alleged racial abuse on social media blew up around the world, his British GP rival Verstappen travelled home to Monaco on Monday after the Silverstone race weekend.

“A 51G impact is no joke,” Red Bull official Dr Helmut Marko, who thinks seven time world champion Hamilton should have received a race ban for his overtaking move at Copse corner, told Osterreich newspaper.

“The fact that Max survived it shows how well trained he is.”

When asked how the 23-year-old Dutchman is doing now, Marko answered: “He’s back in Monte Carlo and is working already with his physio.

“He still complains of a stiff neck, but otherwise he’s doing surprisingly well. I would have thought he wouldn’t be able to move for a couple of days.”

Marko said immediately after Sunday’s race that Red Bull may challenge the arguably lenient 10-second penalty that ultimately did not stop Hamilton from winning.

Hamilton hits Verstappen and breaks his right-rear wheel

When asked if the team will indeed pursue that, the 78-year-old Austrian said: “That would require new evidence, but everyone saw exactly what was going on.

“I ask myself – does it require more evidence than hitting an opponent’s rear wheel with your front wheel?”

However, Marko ruled out a scenario in which Verstappen enacts revenge on Verstappen.

“He will do everything in his power to win this world title,” he said. “But we will certainly not look for revenge or any other stupidities. We don’t go to that level.”

As for Hamilton’s jubilant victory celebrations while Verstappen was in hospital, Marko commented: “That’s just the way it is with Mercedes.

“Mr Wolff had no business going to the stewards, either. You don’t see (Austrian football coach) Foda going to the video referees to explain his personal point of view, do you?”