F1: Who are F1’s ten Billionaires?

F1, with its fantastic international TV lineup, draws big money into the sport from manufacturers, sponsors and media companies.

It also attracts wealthy owners and management personnel. Let’s review:

Billionaire Net Worth F1 Role
Carlos Slim $71 billion Sponsors Sergio Perez and Mexican GP
Dietrich Mateschitz $27.5 billion Red Bull Sponsorship
Sir James Ratcliffe $16.3 billion Owns 1/3 of Mercedes F1 team
John Malone $7.7 billion His Liberty Media owns F1 commercial rights
Stephen Ross $7 billion Miami GP owner, also owns NFL team
Anthony Ressler $5 billion Part owner of McLaren F1 team
Bernie Ecclestone $3.4 billion Former F1 boss, Made F1 what it is today
Lawrence Stroll $3.2 billion Owns Aston Martin F1 team and 16% of its car company
John Paul Dejoria $2.6 billion Part owner of COTA and ROKIT telecom boss
John Elkann $2 billion Ferrari Chairman

Note: Original List compiled by Forbes