F1: Verstappen medical update

Red Bull team principal Horner stated it was “the biggest accident” in Verstappen’s career and the “first and hopefully last time” the Dutchman has been taken to hospital as a result of an accident.

“When Max was unable to respond on the team radio, time stood still,” said Horner in his column for Red Bull.

“In that moment you forget everything else apart from the safety of the driver, a person who is like family to all of us, and it reminds you of the risk and reward in our sport.

“When he was finally able to speak, the relief was enormous and then to see him helped out of the car by the medical team, albeit somewhat dazed and in need of support, was an incredible feeling.

“Max was monitored closely and later released from hospital at around 22:00 [Sunday, July 18] and was able to travel home the following day.

“I spoke to him again on Monday [July 19] morning, and he felt like he’d done a few rounds with Tyson Fury.

“He was battered and bruised but feeling lucky and grateful to the medical team, as we all are, and in true Max style he was already trying to put it out of his mind and look ahead to Hungary.”

“A huge amount of credit must go to the safety standards of these cars, the Halo and the barrier systems because the impact was such that it actually broke Max’s seat.

“The car could have quite easily flipped over which was an initial concern voiced by the first responding medical team, but fortunately, it didn’t.”