F1: Sponsors would welcome screaming F1 engines says Brown

The powers to be in F1 know that if they ever switched to all-electric engines like Formula E, it would be the death of the sport.

The sounds at a Formula E race are not inspiring at all – you only hear the whirl of the transmissions and the screeching of the tires. Their small audiences are a testament as to how uninspiring it is to watch electric car races.

If anyone tells you anything different, they are lying to you, and themselves.

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner thinks the formula would satisfy F1’s green push with sustainable fuels, and be more exciting for fans thanks to internal combustion engines scream.

Not everyone is convinced, though, with snowflake Mercedes boss Toto Wolff fearing that major sponsors may not be happy to be associated with a series that was not viewed to be fully sustainable.

“What’s most important is that Formula 1 is sustainable,” said McLaren boss Zak Brown.

“You can get there a variety of different ways and I do not think sponsors, as long as Formula 1 is sustainable, are concerned over how you get to sustainability.

“So if it’s an ICE unit with sustainable fuels, or if it’s electric or hybrid, the important thing is that Formula 1 is leading edge technology and that sustainability is critically important to the sport and the world.”

“I think what you heard there was more a view of an OEM who probably wants the sustainability element to be consistent with how they go to market,” added Brown.

“I think what’s important to the corporate partners is sustainability. I think they are less concerned about what the product is to get you there.

“So do I think fans and corporate partners would be turned off if Formula 1 was sustainable in a technology direction that was maybe different to the automotive industry?

“I do not think corporate partners and the fans would mind at all.

“But we do have to take into consideration the OEMs, because they’re a massive part of the sport, huge contributors, and we need them.”