F1: Despite covid, Lammers expects ‘normal’ Dutch GP

(GMM) Jan Lammers remains “confident” Zandvoort will get a green light to welcome a full house of spectators to the Dutch GP early next month.

On paper, a covid-shaped cloud is hanging over the event for the second year in succession, leaving race organizers waiting for a government announcement on Friday.

“On August 13 we will know a lot more, but we have no choice. We are going to be completely ready,” former F1 driver and Dutch GP chief Lammers told NOS.

“We cannot say on August 25 ‘We need more seats’. We have a duty to all people with a ticket to be ready and that’s what we’re working on now,” he said.

“It is now about implementing the plans that were developed a long time ago. About 70 percent of the stands are now up. Everything is on schedule,” Lammers added.

Jan Lammers at Zandvoort

The big question-mark, however, is whether the government eases restrictions and allows Zandvoort to welcome 105,000 F1 spectators per day.

Without that green light, the entire event is in doubt.

“We are confident the coronavirus numbers are heading in the right direction,” said Lammers. “If this continues, we think that all sporting events can resume as normal.”

Lammers’ confidence means he is starting to feel proud about what the race organizers have achieved – especially as the inaugural 2020 event had to be called off.

“Sometimes I think I am in Indianapolis with all these stands, but it’s going very well,” he smiled.

“Before even one person is in those stands, I realize we are all involved in the biggest sporting event in the history of the Netherlands. And that’s very special.”