Spa circuit boss Nathalie Maillet killed by husband (Update)

Unconfirmed Reports are now saying Maillet’s husband found her in bed with her female lover, not a boyfriend.

The bodies of two females were found along with her husband who then shot himself dead as well.

August 15, 2021 

Sad news this Sunday morning. Well-known Spa-Francorchamps circuit boss Nathalie Maillet was murdered by her husband early on Sunday.

Details are currently scarce, but Maillet was reportedly at her home in Gouvy with a friend (Boyfriend? Was she cheating on her husband? Was this a crime of passion?) when both were shot by Maillet’s husband, Franz Dubois who then committed suicide.

Maillet was in the process of overseeing a significant multi-year overhaul and diversification plan of the legendary Ardennes track, that is set to include the return of motorcycle racing to Spa in the future.