F1 more popular in USA than IndyCar

Not only do F1’s TV viewership numbers easily beat IndyCar’s in the USA despite being on TV in the wee hours of Sunday morning, or in the middle of the night for the Asia/Australia rounds, F1 fans pay huge amounts of money to buy a race ticket – $300 to $400 each in most cases.

Whereas the IndyCar race at COTA had maybe 20,000 in attendance and ran year before being terminated, the upcoming COTA F1 race is “totally sold out” F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali told SBJ, and track chairman Bobby Epstein expects more than 300,000 people over the weekend in total.

Domenicali also expects Miami to sell out “in a fraction of time” after tickets go on sale.

F1 is booming globally because they think big, they think global. IndyCar remains small because it looks inward and remains domestic.