Rumor: After Andretti, Sauber now eyes Audi or Porsche buyout

Now that the Andretti takeover is off the table for Alfa Romeo Sauber, it looks like the team is waiting for 2025. That’s when Porsche and Audi might step into Formula 1 and a partnership with the Swiss team is a good option.

The Swiss Blick reports that there is interest from Porsche and Audi to take over the Sauber team. This should happen in 2025 when Formula 1 introduces the new engine regulations. The Volkswagen Group, where Porsche and Audi are part of, has been at the meetings when it comes to the new engines that are expected in 2025 with both Porsche and Audi rumored to be entering F1.

Porsche is expected to go with the Red Bull team and Audi may buy the Sauber team for a lot more money than Michael Andretti was willing to pay.