F1 introduces “Brundle clause” that restricts celebrity bodyguard grid access

Formula 1 has implemented the “Brundle clause” after Martin Brundle’s recent run-in with Megan Thee Stallion’s bodyguards in the United States.

Brundle’s popular Sky Sports F1 pre-race grid walk segment returned in the US following the easing of Covid restrictions.

Part of the charm of the feature is that, as Brundle reflected, he does not always get his man. At least now, he can approach a celebrity for a possible interview without fear of any reprisal, as that person will no longer have an entourage in tow.

“There have been new rules introduced, that any celebrities on the grid must not have bodyguards any longer,” said Brundle.

“It must be the ‘Brundle clause’. I sort of like it if they ignore me, to be honest.”