NASCAR: Keselowski, Roush Lead RFK Racing Together into 2022

Brad Keselowski is an established talent that racing fans should watch out for as he changes teams for 2022. He is a firework, one that Jack Roush has always known how to keep lit. His performances have made him popular among fans who bet on car racing and you can get great odds on to place bets on his races. Meanwhile, the 56-year old owner of “RFR” referred to Keselowski as “the spark” multiple times on Tuesday night at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Brad Keselowski

This was during his team’s rebranding process, which was unveiled at NASCAR race weekend.” Brad lights up everything around him with joy and passion – take last week alone where he won two races, including the famous Duel At Doaksville between himself and Austin Dillon!

Brad Keselowski testing the team’s Next-Gen car for 2022

RFR Racing has been around since 2015 and is already one of the most successful teams in NASCAR, with a total of six championships. This year, they plan to take their success even further by creating another powerhouse known as RFK Racing come 2022 when Brad Keselowski becomes a co-owner while still driving!

President Steve Newmark notes that “on the surface when you look at Roush and Keselowski, they don’t look similar. However, Chris Buescher characterizes Brad Keselowski as being more like Jack Roush. This does not happen with anyone else among his peers and competitors for a reason: they’re both successful racers who know how difficult it is to be fast while also having good people skills!

According to Newmark, Brad also has this quality about him-“everybody matters.” He says that Jack wanted the most out of his company, and they have seen how much respect he gives each person.

“It feels like home,” said Keselowski when he announced his new partnership with Roush. The two drivers are now teammates in the No 6 Ford, and after having an ownership stake at RFK Racing since July this year, they’re looking forward to their first race together.

Roush has won more than any other owner in NASCAR. He tallied 325 national series wins, 137 at the Cup level, and 138 Xfinity Series races. He has also won 50 Camping World Truck round victories to go along with it making him king of all three primary racing circuits today!

Keselowski has a fantastic record as a driver, with 75 wins and counting. He’s also won 35 races in the Cup Series alone, including one this recent season! His other stats are no slouch either; 39 Xfinity Series victories alongside 11 more at Camping World Trucks racing-=this was before he became owner-operator himself last year.

Keselowski can’t help but be aware of who he has joined. The NASCAR Hall of Famer is well known for his 300+ wins, and Keselowski hopes to catch up with him soon!

Jack Roush, the team owner for Brad Keselowski Racing, said that he would back away from some races and let Brad take over. He enjoys passing on what’s been done before him so that his young drivers can succeed with their racing careers. This will happen as they get mentorship from someone who knows how it all works inside out.

“I’ll give myself up a little bit,” says JACK. “The best thing about this job is handing off responsibility.”