F1: Norris latest British F1 driver to move to Monaco to avoid high taxes

Lando Norris has revealed he will move from the UK to Monaco this winter to avoid England’s insane high-income taxes.

“It’s something that obviously many drivers go to do and especially, with how racing is, I think we’ve seen for other drivers how quickly things can also go downhill and so on,”  Norris told Autosport.

Lando Norris, McLaren. The rich always have the wherewithal to avoid the high liberal politician taxes, leaving the poor schleppers to carry the burden.

“I have to look after my things for my future.”

“There was still a lot more to gain from me and my career to being at McLaren and being able to go in whenever I wanted to,” he explained.

“Whenever I had a bad weekend, I could just go in on whatever day to be on the simulator to try things, speaking to my engineers, and so on.

“And I love England. It’s still probably my favorite place to be.

“My family are there, my friends are there. And I think I said many times that for me, fun and enjoyment, and enjoying what I’m doing, takes priority over making these kinds of decisions.

“So it’s not an easy decision. And it’s not something I’ve been thinking of for many years.

“I just feel like I’m in a comfortable place at the minute to make this decision and spend the time to move over there. I can still see a lot of my friends, and my family are going to come over.

“So many things will remain exactly the same. It’s just that I’m based in a different place.

“Maybe I won’t get to play as much golf, which is probably the biggest downside. But there’s a couple places nearby that I can go and play and so on.

“So not an easy decision. But it’s still a life decision and there are so many things that do change from it.”

“Of course I’ll understand and there’s going to be some [criticisms] for sure,” he said.

“But people do many things in life for money. This is just another one.”