Rumor: Porsche might dump Formula E for F1

Following in the footsteps of two other German car companies, Audi and BMW, Porsche looks set to drop out of Formula E and enter F1.

Formula One’s recent success has drawn the attention of various manufacturers looking to get into some form of racing, and who can ignore F1’s huge global TV audience and fanbase.

The good news is that the cost of racing in F1 is dropping dramatically next year and again in 2026 when new engine regulations are introduced. Porsche, it seems, is very interested in joining the pack, which means dropping out of Formula E.

In short, the regulations remove the need for the MGU-H system, which is an energy recovering device. It has no real-world application, and it is costly to develop. By dropping this system, F1 gives any new teams that might want to enter a more affordable option.