F2: Daruvala and Drugovich dominate Day 1 of post-season testing at Yas Marina

Jehan Daruvala finished as the fastest driver on Day 1 of post-season testing at the Yas Marina Circuit, beating MP Motorsport’s Felipe Drugovich and Virtuosi rookie Jack Doohan, with a time of 1:35.793.

The Red Bull junior was making his return to PREMA Racing, the team he challenged for the Formula 3 title with in 2019. Having finished second fastest to Drugovich in the morning session, Daruvala edged out the Brazilian in the afternoon by more than three tenths. F3 vice-champion Doohan finished third in both sessions to continue his impressive start to life in Formula 2.


On his return to MP Motorsport, after a season with Virtuosi, Drugovich set the benchmark during the opening 30 minutes, posting a 1:35.577. The Brazilian headed Daruvala on a cool morning in Yas Marina, with the Indian swapping Carlin for PREMA.

There were several Red Flags during the opening session, with Clément Novalak, Amaury Cordeel, Frederick Vesti and Théo Pourchaire all stopping on track at various points, as well as a coming together between Jüri Vips and Dennis Hauger.

Vips had briefly set the third fastest time, but fell to sixth following the collision, as Virtuosi’s Doohan jumped to third, ahead of Carlin’s Liam Lawson. Ralph Boschung completed the top five with Campos Racing, while also running the most laps of the morning, punching in a total of 47.

The second Carlin of Logan Sargeant finished seventh, with DAMS’ Roy Nissany, Van Amersfoort Racing’s Jake Hughes and Virtuosi’s Marino Sato completing the top 10.


There were two stoppages in the early stages of the afternoon, with Cordeel and Vips both requiring red flags, but overall, a lot more running time for the field. Sixteen drivers broke the 40-lap barrier, six set more than 50, and Carlin duo Sargeant and Lawson posted more than a 120 between them.

Jehan Daruvala of India and Prema Racing (2) drives during Formula 2 testing at Yas Marina Circuit on December 16, 2021 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. (Photo by Joe Portlock – Formula 1/Formula Motorsport Limited via Getty Images)

Olli Caldwell was the early pacesetter for Campos with a 1:40.217, before getting replaced by the Daruvala at the top of the order. ART Grand Prix’s Frederik Vesti took the times below 1m 38s for the first time, before seeing Daruvala drop a 1:36.063 to return to P1.

Drugovich and Pourchaire briefly bumped the PREMA down to second, but Daruvala managed to find a further three tenths to return to the top of the leaderboard. Doohan muscled his way into third to finish as the quickest rookie for the second session in a row.

Pourchaire held on to fourth, ahead of Boschung. Calan Williams was the second-highest rookie, running just under a second off the pace for Trident in P6.

A late lap from Nissany put him in seventh, ahead of Juan Manuel Correa, who was making his F2 return with Charouz Racing System.

Vesti finished in eighth, despite stopping on track at the end of the session. He beat out 2021 F3 champion Dennis Hauger.

Testing will resume at 9am local time on Friday.


1 Felipe Drugovich MP Motorsport 1:35.577 31
2 Jehan Daruvala PREMA Racing 1:35.622 26
3 Jack Doohan UNI-Virtuosi 1:36.055 41
4 Liam Lawson Carlin 1:36.208 29
5 Ralph Boschung Campos Racing 1:36.482 47
6 Jüri Vips Hitech Grand Prix 1:36.571 19
7 Logan Sargeant Carlin 1:36.599 30
8 Roy Nissany DAMS 1:36.643 35
9 Jake Hughes Van Amersfoort Racing 1:36.708 23
10 Marino Sato UNI-Virtuosi 1:36.718 34
11 Marcus Armstrong Hitech Grand Prix 1:36.733 33
12 Ayumu Iwasa DAMS 1:37.018 42
13 Dennis Hauger PREMA Racing 1:37.023 20
14 Olli Caldwell Campos Racing 1:37.033 27
15 Clément Novalak MP Motorsport 1:37.069 26
16 Calan Williams Trident 1:37.070 26
17 Teppei Natori Trident 1:37.387 27
18 Juan Manuel Correa Charouz Racing System 1:37.472 37
19 Guilherme Samaia Charouz Racing System 1:37.566 27
20 Théo Pourchaire ART Grand Prix 1:37.677 12
21 Amaury Cordeel Van Amersfoort Racing 1:38.887 28
22 Frederik Vesti DAMS 1:39.694 13



1 Jehan Daruvala PREMA Racing 1:35.435 46
2 Felipe Drugovich MP Motorsport 1:35.793 44
3 Jack Doohan Virtuosi 1:35.851 44
4 Théo Pourchaire ART Grand Prix 1:35.981 46
5 Ralph Boschung Campos Racing 1:36.340 33
6 Calan Williams Trident 1:36.705 48
7 Roy Nissany DAMS 1:36.859 41
8 Juan Manuel Correa Charouz Racing System 1:36.886 34
9 Frederik Vesti ART Grand Prix 1:36.912 45
10 Dennis Hauger PREMA Racing 1:36.960 44
11 Olli Caldwell Campos Racing 1:37.031 44
12 Guilherme Samaia Charouz Racing System 1:37.073 40
13 Jake Hughes Van Amersfoort Racing 1:37.077 52
14 Ayumu Iwasa DAMS 1:37.547 38
15 Teppei Natori Trident 1:37.660 51
16 Jüri Vips Hitech Grand Prix 1:38.464 28
17 Logan Sargeant Carlin 1:38.709 63
18 Liam Lawson Carlin 1:38.908 64
19 Clément Novalak MP Motorsport 1:39.096 36
20 Marcus Armstrong Hitech Grand Prix 1:39.344 52
21 Marino Sato Virtuosi 1:39.451 53
22 Amaury Cordeel Van Amersfoort Racing 1:40.973 13