F1: Like the team owners, F1 fans vote Verstappen better than Hamilton

F1 Fan Power Rankings are in.  Fan Voice, the annual list gives Formula One fans from across the globe an opportunity to rank their top 10 drivers depending on how they feel each performed over the course of the season.

The results are also cross-referenced against the list compiled by the Aramco F1 Power Rankings judges, who score each driver out of 10 after each race.

To no great surprise, the fans and the experts didn’t always agree!

Let’s see who finished where according to the fans.

1: Max Verstappen: Average score: 8.80

2: Lewis Hamilton: Average score: 8.36

3: Carlos Sainz Jr: Average score: 7.75

4: Pierre Gasly: Average score: 7.71

5: Lando Norris: Average score: 7.65

6: Sergio Perez: Average score: 7.17

7: Fernando Alonso: Average score: 7.12

8: George Russell: Average score: 6.78

9: Charles Leclerc: Average score: 6.77

10: Esteban Ocon: Average score: 6.60


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