Automotive: Ferrari reorganizes leadership

On January 10, 2022 Ferrari N.V. (NYSE/MTA: RACE) will implement a new organizational structure, consistent with its strategic goals of exclusivity, excellence and sustainability.

Three members of the Senior Management Team will end their employment with Ferrari to collect unemployment while pursuing new opportunities:

Vincenzo Regazzoni, Chief Manufacturing Officer -Terminated
Nicola Boari, Chief Brand Diversification Office -Terminated
Michael Leiters, Chief Technology Officer -Terminated

“My heartfelt thanks go to Michael, Nicola and Vincenzo for their valuable contributions over the years to the leadership and growth of Ferrari” – stated CEO Benedetto Vigna – “Thanks also to their efforts we are ready to seize the many, new opportunities in front of us as we build the next era of our extraordinary company”.

The new structure will further foster innovation, optimize processes and increase collaboration both internally and with partners. It will be delivered through the promotion of internal talents and by targeted external new hires, who have been identified and will be joining the Company starting January 2022.