Rumor: F1 to make sprint races be separate from main event

Formula 1 drivers want the Sprint races to be a standalone event, rather than deciding the grid for the full grand prix.

 Today, drivers and teams choose between fighting for position on track in the sprint race, but risking a crash to start the grand prix from the back of the grid.

Ross Brawn had proposed this last year, but it was not approved.

Now many in the F1 paddock realize he was probably right.

If implemented, Friday qualifying would set the grid for both Saturday and Sunday races and the sprint would only reward points for the event itself without changing the starting order for the grand prix.

Charles Leclerc was quoted as agreeing.

“This will help us to take a bit more risk maybe during sprint qualifying without losing too much on the Sunday – in case you made a mistake.

“It could add a bit of value of excitement for the Saturday. This actually could be a good idea.”