Quote of Week: “In motorsport only Formula 1 counts”

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess has the quote of this week so far when confirming Porsche and Audi will enter F1:

“With Formula 1, we get more money from Stuttgart and Ingolstadt than without Formula 1,” he insisted.

“Formula 1 is growing worldwide – in motorsport only Formula 1 counts. There is an opportunity to get started now through technical rule changes.”

Diess said Porsche will cut back on other forms of motorsports.  Since only F1 counts, will they cut back on their participation in sportscar racing like IMSA, DTM and WEC?  What about Formula E?  All suffer poor attendance and poor TV viewership vs. F1

Audi has already cut back and so has Porsche. Look for more cutting as Liberty Media grows F1 into the motorsports world superpower.