F1 needs to move Miami race to March, (Update)

Thinking about this logically, F1 preseason testing should be 2 weeks in Barcelona (instead of going to Bahrain), and the season would open in Miami the first week in March.

If and when South Africa gets added back onto the schedule, the weather is great in early to mid-April.

Logical early F1 schedule

Miami – 1st week in March
Bahrain – 3rd week in March
Saudi Arabia – 4th week in March
South Africa – 2nd week in April
Imola – 4th week in April
Barcelona – 2nd week in May
Monaco – 3rd or 4th week in May

May 7, 2022 

F1 would be wise to move future Miami GPs to earlier in the year due to the heat and humidity.

The F1 season starts in March every year and F1 would be wise to move the Miami race to March and give Imola the early May Miami date.

While they needed the extra time this year to finish the Miami track, next year a March date should be doable and wise.

The fans, your paying customers, will thank you.


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