F1: George Russell proving Lewis Hamilton not the best ever

Lewis Hamilton has seven world titles behind his name, but in 2022 the Briton is no longer the top driver in F1.  In fact he is no longer the top driver on the Mercedes F1 team.

Philipp Brändle states on ServusTV ‘s Sport und Talk program that he does know why Hamilton struggles so much with the Mercedes W13.

In 2022 Hamilton is getting destroyed by his teammate George Russell.

Mercedes’ car is not competitive enough to compete for wins and George Russell is simply getting more out of the W13. Brändle is a former Mercedes engineer and knows why Hamilton is struggling more now.

”He’s really a driver who needs a lot of confidence in the car. He doesn’t have the technical background that a Nico Rosberg and a Michael Schumacher had. He needs confidence and, therefore, a really fast car,” Brändle says of Hamilton.

In other words, Hamilton is only fastest if his car is superior to the competition, and he doesn’t have a fast teammate.

In Russell, Hamilton has been exposed, as has all the fawning the bias British media has made over Hamilton all these years.