MotoGP: Reduced tire options for 2023 season

The Grand Prix Commission, composed of Messrs. Carmelo Ezpeleta (Dorna, Chairman), Paul Duparc (FIM), Herve Poncharal (IRTA) and Biense Bierma (MSMA), assisted by Carlos Ezpeleta (Dorna), Mike Trimby (IRTA, Secretary of the meeting) and Corrado Cecchinelli (Director of Technology), in an electronic meeting held on 4th June 2022, made the following decision:

It has already been announced that the allocation of rear slick tires will be modified from 2023. Riders will be able to use the same number of tires as they do currently (12 per event), but there will be a reduced number of options in order to decrease the number of tires that are produced and transported by Michelin but ultimately not used.

Currently, Michelin provides three rear slick tire options at every Grand Prix and riders are allowed to use 12 rear tires: a maximum of six of the soft specification, four of the medium and three of the hard.

A survey was conducted among all MotoGP class teams in order to determine future tire allocations, and it was overwhelmingly in favor of the following option:

From 2023, there will only be two rear slick specifications at each event. All riders will have the same allocation: seven of the softer option and five of the harder option. Michelin will decide which specifications are brought to each event: soft and medium, medium and hard, or soft and hard.

Accordingly, the Grand Prix Commission has confirmed that, with effect from the 2023 season, the allocation of rear slick tires per MotoGP rider per event will be as follows:

Seven soft + five medium
Seven medium + five hard
Seven soft + five hard

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