F1: Red Bull ends ‘green Red Bull’ saga

(GMM) Red Bull has decided to drop the issue of Aston Martin’s ‘green Red Bull’ car.

The energy drink owned team launched an internal investigation recently, alleging that Aston Martin may have lifted intellectual property information before launching the familiar ‘B’ spec car.

“The state of play is that we can’t prove anything concrete,” Dr Helmut Marko told motorsport-total.com.

“We’re not pursuing this because we don’t see Aston Martin as a direct competitor,” he added. “What you can’t prove in black and white, you should leave alone.”

The 78-year-old Austrian also clarified that he never directly accused Aston Martin of stealing protected information.

“I said data had been downloaded,” said the top team official. “I didn’t say where it was going.

“But we would like clarity from the FIA on how far you can go. We have a sister team, Alpha Tauri, and if you interpret what has happened consistently, the Alpha Tauri should look more like the Red Bull,” Marko said.