F1: Vettel faces an uncertain future in retirement

Sebastian Vettel admits he doesn’t know what to expect from life beyond Formula 1, should he decide to retire after this year.  Will he be good at hugging trees, or collecting garbage to save the planet, his apparent passion?

Speaking to Sky Sports F1, Vettel was asked if his future depends on the progress his team shows, his answer being: “Yes [it is],

“I have done motor racing for my whole life, and it gives you security, in terms of the schedule being made by other people,” he added.

“I don’t know what life after Formula 1 looks like, and I don’t think any sportsperson knows what the next life looks like. You can have certain things lined up, but you don’t know and that is the truth,” Vettel admits.

Sebastian Vettel contemplates which tree to hug next

“I don’t expect to find something tomorrow which I am really good at, because I have found something in my life that I am really good at and it is hard to find that again.

“How many times can you win the lottery?” the four-time World Champion mused.

“I enjoy driving the car but there are other things I don’t like,” he admits. “After so many years, the usual stuff comes up that you don’t understand at the beginning, like the travel. It is very time consuming, and I have kids at home and a family so it equals time away from them.

“The future depends on this year and the races that I have coming up,” Vettel insists. “I have not decided yet. The summer is the usual time when you start to talk so we will see.”

Vettel is now gearing up for the 2022 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, where last year he gave Aston Martin their first podium in F1 finishing second behind Red Bull’s Sergio Perez.

The quadruple world champion is yet to commit to Aston Martin beyond the end of the 2022 season, and likens himself to fellow multiple title winner Lewis Hamilton who has been outpaced so far this year by new Mercedes teammate George Russell.

“Does it excite you to finish eighth, 12th or 13? No it does not, when you know you have been first so many times – and in Lewis’ case more than any other guy,” he said at a team sponsor event for beer sponsor Peroni.

“George comes in, after spending three years at Williams suffering to death at the rear of the field and then suddenly he is eighth or 12th and life for him is amazing.”

Hamilton at least looks set to race on, but the future is less certain for 34-year-old Vettel.