F1: The Netflix cameras were rolling when the daggers came out in Montreal

F1 team  bosses met with FIA President Stefano Domenicali at the Canadian GP Saturday and there was almost blood on the floor before it was over

The Netflix Drive To Survive cameras were rolling when the verbal daggers came out over the topic of porpoising, a problem particularly affecting the Mercedes.

Toto Wolff lobbied for the FIA to step in, and even suggested a minimum ride-height be set, while rival team bosses claimed it was a Mercedes issue, and it was bullshit that the FIA was implementing a rule to measure porpoising to save Mercedes ass when in fact their design engineers need to fix it.

Wolff tried to sweep their design flaw under the rug in the name of driver safety.

Lewis Hamilton was practicing his acting abilities in front of the Baku cameras as he faked climbing out of his car with severe back pain from his car slapping the track surface so hard.

Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff said after the meeting that the behavior of his rival team bosses amid the porpoising debate has been “pitiful” and “disingenuous”, playing political games while he stressed the safety concerns involved in the matter.

Asked by Autosport if it was a good thing to have Netflix filming a private meeting, Horner replied: “I think there was an element of theater going on in that meeting.

“So you know, maybe with Lewis’s new movie coming along, [they’re] getting him [Toto Wolff] enrolled for it.”

Aston Martin team boss Mike Krack said the meeting proved to be “a bit emotional for some” as tensions ran high during the debate.


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