Automotive: 5 Vehicle Items to Never Go on a Road Without

When you’re going on the road, you know that you must drive safely and be careful. However, some things are out of our control, and sometimes it can happen for things to go wrong. When this happens, we need to be fully prepared.

Many things can go wrong when you’re on the road. Sometimes, we’re so far away from any nearby gas station or a mechanic that we can’t get anyone’s help. We rely only on ourselves. That’s why we must be fully prepared for such challenges.

In this article, we’re sharing a couple of tips on packing a few crucial spare items that will keep you safe on the road. These items are essential for your safety, so you must have them in your vehicle. Keep reading to see what they are, and why you can’t forget them at home.

1. Spare tire

When you get a flat tire on the road, you know you must change it. Not having a spare tire is a true problem; you can’t get anywhere without it. Some new vehicles today do not even come with a spare tire, and that could leave you dead in the water. If you’re too far from anyone to help you, changing the tire will be the only choice you have left.

Instead of keeping the tire in the back with the rest of the luggage, you can add it on top,  under or behind the vehicle, depending on what type of vehicle you’re driving. All you need to do is install a wheel holder and attach one to it. If your vehicle is too small for a full size spare, consider mounting an inflatable one somewhere. That’s how you’ll save room for luggage and still have a spare tire with you.

2. First aid kit

The first aid kit is essential not only because something may happen to you but because other people may suffer in a car accident, and you’ll need to help them if you’re first at the scene. Another reason to always have a first aid kit is that the law mandates you have one with you.

Even if there’s no car accident involved, you may need the first aid kit because it is the only thing that will help you save someone’s life in given situations. Suppose you’re out hiking in the mountains, and someone gets bitten by a snake. The first aid kit will be the only thing at the moment to provide the needed care and save someone’s life.

3. High visibility gear

You must be careful when you stop by the road for any reason, and other cars rush by you at tremendous speeds. Many people will lose their attention and walk onto the driving lane. The drivers approaching may not notice there is someone until it’s too late.

If you’re wearing a high visibility vest, it will be much easier for drivers approaching to notice you. They’ll slow down, avoid the collision, and spare your life. If your car gets broken, you’ll need to stop on the side and notify everyone coming that you’re in trouble. The parts should also have a high visibility color.

4. Tire repair kit

There’s no need to explain how important the tire repair kit is. Without it, you can’t change the flat tire. Your car is too heavy to be lifted with anything else but an item designed for the job. You should never leave your home without a tire repair kit.

Yes, it may take some room in the trunk, but this is the only way to be sure that you’re not going to be caught without the tools for this. The repair kit will lift the car, remove the screws inside the wheel, and do the same procedure with the new one.

5. Fire extinguisher

Who knows what may happen on the road. Especially in the summer, fires are common, and just a little spark can cause serious problems. Have a fire extinguisher in the back. It may be the difference between losing your vehicle entirely and getting by with just slight flames.

The fire extinguisher is not huge, but will take some room in the back. It’s a small price to be sure that nothing terrible will happen to your vehicle. Even if it’s not yours, someone else being in an accident and is trapped inside their vehicle may mean an immediate reaction before they are burned alive.


There are so many essential items you need to take, but not all of them are needed for literally any situation. Some of them are only needed if you’re planning trips in winter or in particular areas where they might be crucial for your safety.

Spend a few minutes thinking about the most important thing about your trip and what are the things you may need on the way. Think about the safety of the passengers first, and then everything else. Find the room in the trunk for these items, and enjoy a carefree ride.

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