F1: McLaren to test F2 driver Daruvala at Silverstone

McLaren has announced that it will test Formula 2 driver Jehan Daruvala at Silverstone this week.

The Indian driver is set for his maiden outing in Formula 1 machinery on Tuesday and Wednesday at the British Grand Prix venue.

There, Daruvala will drive the 2021-spec McLaren MCL35M as part of the team’s ‘testing previous car’ program permitted under the regulations.

“As part of our testing previous car (TPC) programme, Jehan Daruvala will test the MCL35M at Silverstone on 21 June and 22 June. Enjoy your first drive in an F1 car, Jehan,” a McLaren statement read.

Induan F2 driver Jehan Daruvala

“I’m incredibly grateful to be getting this opportunity,” Daruvala told FormulaRapida.net.

“Testing in Formula 1 is extremely limited and opportunities like these are not easy to come by, especially with a championship-winning team like McLaren.

“It will be my first experience in a Formula 1 car, which I’m sure will be special.

“The support that I have received from the Red Bull Junior Team, my family and sponsors like Mumbai Falcons, coupled with this opportunity that McLaren have given me will enable me to prepare myself better to achieve my childhood dream of competing in Formula 1.”


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