F1: Air Canada kicks F1 team members off their plane

Members of the Formula 1 community were frustrated and angry after dozens of passengers were removed from an Air Canada flight leaving Montreal on Monday night, a day after the Canadian Grand Prix. The plane was headed for London with several team members and journalists aboard.

As many as 23 people were removed from the flight, Jess McFadyen, the Director of Digital Strategy for the Motorsport Network who was among the people on the flight, said on Twitter. She claimed that people were taken off the plane “totally at random.”

A spokesperson for the Montreal Trudeau International Airport told confirmed to the Toronto Star that airport patrol responded to “a situation” aboard the plane and that several passengers were removed “at the request of the flight captain and crew.”

Passengers sitting near those who were ejected were told that the reason for the removals had to do with Air Canada’s mask policy, McFadyen told the Star. Although the U.K. has scrapped mask mandates on airplanes, Canada still requires that passengers wear masks despite there being zero scientific proof masks work.

If you can smell smoke with your mask on, the mask does not work.  Smoke particles are 0.3 microns and a virus particle 0.1 micron. If smoke is getting through, so is a virus.