F1: Screaming V10s with zero-pollution fuel should be on the table for F1

With all the issues that electric cars have, one has to question if that is really the future?

Electric Car Issues:

  • Child labor used to mine the battery materials
  • Limited range
  • Wait times for a charge.
  • Reported fights over public chargers due to wait times.  How long before someone is shot or stabbed?
  • Initial High-Cost of electric cars
  • Spontaneous combustion issues with EV batteries
  • Electric grids that cannot handle the load, especially during summer when most of the driving is done
  • High cost to recycle the batteries at end-of-life
  • More…..
Child labor is used to mine Cobalt in Africa for EV batteries

With zero-pollution fuels planned for F1 for 2026, why does F1 need a hybrid engine whatsoever?

The hybrid components (Battery, electric motor and electronics) have made the cars far too heavy and many in the F1 paddock have called for the cars to go on a diet.  The easiest way to do that is to ditch the hybrid systems altogether.

Isn’t the idea of electric cars to emit zero pollution?  What if there was another, far cheaper way?

There is.

If an internal combustion engine can be made to emit zero pollution, then give the fans what they really want – a screaming V10 naturally aspirated V10 F1 engine running on fuel that does not pollute.

Besides saving around 200 pounds in weight, the teams will save millions of dollars by abandoning hybrid technology altogether. And with the budget caps now in place in F1, that would be a welcomed change.

And tell Formula E, with their whiny sewing machine sounding cars, to go pound sand.


Mark C. reporting for AutoRacing1.com