TV News: Weekend USA TV Ratings, IndyCar sets record (Update)

CORRECTION: The estimates we made below for the streaming audience for the Toronto IndyCar race on Peacock were a complete guess and likely inaccurate.

Peacock does not report streaming or provide viewership metrics on any of its exclusive programming. Streaming services, as a whole, do not typically report viewership as overall consumption is much different from a broadcast model, although we have seen NBC put out streaming data when it has something to brag about Example

Nielsen has begun to track streaming data, but nothing specific to Peacock that we are aware of.

We have asked IndyCar to contact Peacock to see if they can get us the actual number.  We are certain that someone in Peacock has the number, as they know how many viewers were logged in and how many simultaneous streams of the race their servers were serving up.

July 19, 2022 


NASCAR Cup: The NASCAR Cup race from Loudon, NH on USA Network registered a 1.45 rating and 2.403 million, up 15.08% from last year’s race on NBCSN. The race was the third most-watched sports event of the weekend behind The Open’s Saturday and Sunday rounds. Conversely, the NASCAR Xfinity race on USA last Saturday was down 16.42% from 2021 on NBCSN. The NASCAR races are drawing under 20% of its viewers in the 18-49 age bracket, indicating over 80% of its fan base is old.

SRX: The SRX race drew 1.058 million viewers and a 0.66 rating on CBS, down 13.16% from last year’s race on the same weekend from Nashville.

NHRA: The NHRA Mile High Finals from Denver on FOX drew 651,000 viewers and a 0.40 rating, up 122.22% from last year’s 0.18 rating on cable channel 0.18

IMSA: The IMSA GTD-Pro race from Lime Rock on USA drew only 243,000 viewers and a 0.15 rating, down 6.25% from last year’s 0.16 rating on NBCSN

IndyCar: The IndyCar race on Peacock drew a small TV rating and minuscule number of viewers, so small it could not be measured by Nielsen. We estimated the TV rating at a new record low for IndyCar of 0.01

Weekend TV Ratings

Network Event Location Total Viewers 18-49 Viewers Ratio:
18-49 Yr Old
/Total Viewers
2022 TV Rating 2021 TV Rating %Chg
USA NASCAR Cup Race L Loudon 2,403,000 460,000 19% 1.45 1.26 15.08%
CBS SRX Race L I-55 Pevely, MO 1,058,000 203,000 19% 0.66 *0.76 -13.16%
USA NASCAR Xfinity Race L Loudon 860,000 161,000 19% 0.56 0.67 -16.42%
FOX NHRA Finals L Denver 651,000 105,000 16% 0.40 **0.18 122.22%
USA IMSA Race L Lime Rock 243,000 48,000 20% 0.15 0.16 -6.25%
Peacock IndyCar Race L Toronto Minuscule Minuscule ~20% ***0.01 ****0.33 -96.97%

*Race ran at Nashville in 2021
**On FS1 last year vs. Fox this year
***Estimated based on Streaming History
****2009 race on NBCSN – the last time race ran