IndyCar: Foyt crew member suffers broken leg in Iowa Sunday

A AJ Foyt Racing crew member suffered a fractured femur when he was hit during Dalton Kellett’s final pit stop in Race 2 of the Iowa IndyCar double-header.

Kellett was forced to serve a 30-second hold penalty for ‘hitting personnel’ during the second and final caution period of the 300-lapper.

With more cars expected on the grid in 2023 and the pit lanes getting even more crowded, we might see more crew members hit during pitstops.

Foyt tire changer Chris McFadden said on social media.

“Got hit today on the last pit stop,” wrote the United States Army veteran, who is also the team’s pit crew trainer, on Instagram.

“This is the risk we take in this sport and unfortunately these things happen.

“Big shout out to my teammates who were there for me as we waited on medical.

“Preliminary assessment shows a fractured, femur [sic], possible chipped bone, a decent puncture wound, as well as some gnarly bruising.

“The [MercyOne hospital] and [IndyCar Safety Team] have been awesome!

“Thanks to [Dalton Kellett] and the entire [AJ Foyt Racing] team for checking in on me.

“I guess this is one way to get a day off!”