Rumor: Canada pushing back on having its race moved to May

Rumor has it that promoters for the Canadian GP F1 race are pushing back on moving the Canadian GP to May as a back-to-back race with Miami.

F1 is trying to group races together in geographic areas to:

  1. Reduce travel strain on team personnel as it moves toward a 25-race calendar
  2. Reduce the sport’s carbon footprint to placate environmentalists by reducing airline flight miles for personnel and equipment.

Sounds reasonable, right?

May, the last month of the spring in Montreal, is a comfortable month, with temperature in the range of an average high of 65°F and an average low of 48°F.

Problem is, the weather in Montreal in early May could still be cold, and if you push Miami to late May, it gets very hot and humid.

Canada will argue that attendance will be negatively impacted and F1 would have to agree to a reduce sanction fee.

So expect Canada to remain on its traditional date in June, teamed with Baku – i.e. zero geographic grouping again.


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