Video: Florida’s man’s electric Jaguar spontaneously ignites and burns to a crisp

Because of Biden’s obsessive need to push electric vehicles, we’re seeing a lot of pushback and videos of electric cars catching on fire.

Another example would be this man’s electric Jaguar catching on fire right after he got home from running errands.

Watch it burn to a crisp:

Another Jaguar i-Pace burning to the ground in Redmond, California.
Jaguar i-Pace burns to a crisp in Hungary

A video that shows a truck bursting into flames, while at a charging station. Watch it all, it’s quite a show. Watch the poor driver next to it.  It catches his truck on fire, and the poor fella burns to a crisp. What a way to go.


And we are hearing more and more of this kind of stuff – “A trip from N.Y to FL. just added another day….waiting 8 hours in line to get a 2-hour charge.”

Stolen elections have consequences.