F2: Drugovich will only consider IndyCar if he becomes a F1 reject

Formula 2 championship leader Felipe Drugovich says all his focus is on getting a ride in F1, and only will consider IndyCar if he fails in F1.

The MP Motorsport driver currently leads the standings by 43 points over Theo Pourchaire.

Speaking after finishing second in the Spa feature race, he said: “I see my future… I mean, somehow I’m going to be able to drive something next year.

“I still don’t know what it is, what I’m going to drive next year I don’t know.

“It might happen like Nyck [de Vries], I think getting to F1 nowadays is very difficult and it’s looking like the opportunities for a main seat in F1 next year are obviously very limited.

“I think there is still the potential for a reserve seat somewhere so we need to try and look at that and find maybe a reserve seat somewhere.

“Other than that, there are other categories that we can drive in somewhere else.

“But for now, I am focused on this championship, trying to win it, and hopefully this result might get me to F1 someday. Nothing to worry about now.

“I think talking about F1, to be fair obviously we try to contact every team we can and see what they say.

“That’s looking more towards a reserve seat, I don’t know, we have to see, but we need to keep looking at it and meanwhile we have to score the results and that’s something that might help me to get a seat.

“On the other hand, I think we’re not looking very much into IndyCar, I think we’re just trying to stay focused on F1 – that’s my dream, my goal, and we’re trying to get into that first of all.

“Obviously IndyCar is a great category but at the moment I’m fully focused on F1.”